M.V. Explorer

M.V. Explorer

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Semester at Sea...Here We Come!

Look out world...

So in case you've been living under a rock for the last six months, me, Kimmy, and Conor will be circumnavigating the globe this lovely fall semester on a ship called the M.V. Explorer. The program is called Semester at Sea....google it. In the off chance that you're a random stranger who has stumbled upon our blog, let me fill you in. I'm Kristen and I just turned 21. My sister Kimmy (19) and her boyfriend Conor (soon to be 20) are also joining me on what will surely be a hell of a trip. We leave out of Ensenada, Mexico and then head to the following ports of call: Hawaii, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, and Spain! It's sure to be a whirlwind trip and we plan to experience everything the world has to offer (literally). Stay tuned for the crazy adventures that will likely be ensuing....but for now, let's get back on topic.

Okay kids, here's the deal. We're out of here in just under a week! Thus, I have created this blog so that everyone we're leaving behind can keep in touch. I predict that Kimmy and Conor will likely be contributing their own thoughts on occasion.

So make sure to bookmark our blog and check up on us from time to time. No cell phones so you better make sure you email us! Remember, no contact, no souvenirs!

See you in December!